VESUVIUS WOOD-FIRED PIZZA is inspired by traditional Neapolitan pizza craftsmanship and methods that use specific ingredients, including special wheat flour, fresh yeast, sea salt, fresh cow's milk mozzarella, and Italian-style plum tomatoes.

But VWFP goes further and updates the tradition by putting a local stamp on our pizzas. To take advantage of being located in one of the most productive agricultural regions in the world, we use as many locally produced ingredients as possible while still observing important elements of traditional Neapolitan pizza. We believe a similar reliance on superior local products is what led the Naples, Italy region to be the standard bearer for traditional pizza. 

Our imported, handcrafted oven burns only seasoned hardwood and cooks pizzas at temperatures over 800 degrees, ensuring that the pizzas we produce are a reflection of the best of the traditional pizza makers of the past. A focus on craftsmanship also means that we are committed to producing fresh dough every day. By taking advantage of the bounty around us and applying time-tested methodology, VWFP produces a pizza that is unlike any other, both traditional and contemporary, appealing and gratifying in every way.